Twang @ Venaus, Festival Alta Felicità

After being selected at the live contest “Aspettando Alta Felicità”, we’ll be opening the third day of the real deal, “Alta Felicità Festival”: on Saturday, July 28 we are going to share the stage with Sud Sound System & Bag A Riddim Band, Dub Inc, Le luci della centrale elettrica, Pop X, Tonino Carotone, Marina Rei & Paolo Benvegnù, HK et Les Saltimbanks, Villa Ada Posse, Chiara Dello Iacovo, Corimé and Sendorma. Get there, camp there, it’s all free. For any info:

We’ll see you on the Arena Stage!

Twang’s interview for TorinOggi

Twang: “We narrate the world around us, with an imagery at the same time beastly and fairy”

TorinOggi releases a splendid interview with Twang, filled with interesting insights and a peek at their future.

Many thanks to Federica Monello for the article!

Read the full article on TorinOggi!

Twang @ Lab!


We got some news: even though we’ve been silent these days, we are producing now more than ever. We are working hard on both our 2nd music video from the EP “Nulla si può controllare” and our next big project, which is the debut LP. But that doesn’t mean we forgot our audience. We’re coming back!

We’ll be playing on the 27th of February in Piazza Vittorio Veneto 13, Turin, where we’ll get to show you some new songs.

See you there! 🙂

La Stampa describes us!




Huge thanks to Claudia Carucci for the article!



Tour Music Fest: thanks to everyone!



On November 11th , we performed on the stage of the Jailbreak Live Club in Rome, Italy, as contestants for the TMF semi-final. The stage was impressive, we got to play side to side with great musicians from all over Italy, and eventually became good friends with each other.

Sadly, we did NOT make it to the finals, but it’s been an unforgettable experience. It tired us out but also inspired us. We also got ourselves a little trip to Rome, it seemed fair.

Finally, we want to thank the TMF staff for their great willingness, as well as all those who sustained and encouraged us in the last few months, and we wish best of luck to the four artist that made it to the final match. They’ll walk the stage of the PIPER CLUB on the 24th of November.

Twang live @ Tour Music Fest 2017, Rome




We proudely announce you, our warm audience, our selection to the TMF semi-final phase! To prove that, here’s what the organisers of the contest say about us:

Twang, a talented band from Turin up for the festival chaired by Mogol, accepted to the next “match” of the 10th edition of TMF.

They’re ecletics, original, but most of all they have talent: in the last 6 months, Twang convinced our picky jury through their rock. That’s why they fully deserve a spot in the semi-final phase, which will take place on the 11th of November 2017 at the Jailbreak Live Club. (read more)…

Twang live @ Murialdo Theater




A night of indie arts at Borgo Vitttoria (Turin) with music and visual arts live.

For more details: INDIE A TEATRO


Twang live @ Salotto di Mao


The place is nice, the music too: Twang will be playing for the season opening of the historic Il Salotto di Mao! You can see us there in the evening of August 29 at Piazza Vittorio Veneto! You can also watch the whole thing streaming on CortoCorto’ s Facebook page.


Interview from Traks webzine

“Five guys from Turin. A promising start, which raises the expectations: Twang put on the table a lot of inspired ideas. Maybe next time they’ ll refine some little detail, especially those concerning arrangement and production, but besides that, the bases on which to work are really well covered already.”

It seems like Traks webzine was sincerely impressed by our first work “Nulla si può controllare”.

You can find the full review and Q&A here:


“Nulla si può controllare” on the web


Various magazines on the web reported our first EP’s debut.
We want to thank ‘em all:

Fatti Italiani, Hot Music Magazine, Musica Italiana Emergente, Italia di Metallo, I Think Magazine, Mescalina, Gruppi Emergenti, System Failure, Rockit.
Hope we got them all covered.
Sincere thanks from Twang!


First EP coming soon: here’s the preview video.

Introducing the video of our first single from “NULLA SI PUO’ CONTROLLARE“, coming out on June 30th! This is our first video, hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Big thanks go to Officina Sonora for the location, the director Gianluca Fratta, filming assistant Katya Sainato and Simone Lampedone for mastering the tracks.

Enjoy the vision!



Senza Etichetta 2017: big thrills

As we said, big thrills:
we WON Senza Etichetta’s award for best group! We got a thumb up from MOGOL, along with some of his precious advices, which we’ll NEVER be revealing. Thanks to everyone from Twang!






Twang are a band from Turin, Italy, formed in the late 2015: five young musician, with different experiences and attitudes, started up an intense collaboration and a huge tour on various stages in Piedmont (such as Spazio 211 and the “Balla coi Cinghiali” festival).

Their musical proposal is a bluesy and psychedelic stoner rock, along with Italian lyrics.

In May 2017, they won the “Best Rock Band” prize of the national contest called “Senza Etichetta”; the jury was led by the great songwriter Mogol.

“Nulla si può controllare” is their first ep; it was released on 30 June 2017, early anticipated by the single “Neanche un colpo”.


Federico Mao – Guitar

Federico Mao was born in Chieri (Turin) on the 6th september 1997. He begins to play music at 9 years old with the guitar teacher Enrico Farinelli. In 2011 he attends the school “The House Of Rock” in Turin and pursues his musical training with the music masters Chiara Maritano and Roberto Bovolenta. Where he studies the rudiments of rock and blues, having also the opportunity to play on different stages in Turin and nearby like Spazio211, CAP10100, Apolide Festival. Curiosity and passion bring him to play other instruments like bass, drums and mandolin.
In 2016, after the highschool diploma at Galileo Ferraris, he works as a teacher at the band course in Spazio211 and gives private guitar lessons, still keeping on his musical training with Chiara Maritano, Roberto Bovolenta and Marina Marauda. During the same year, he begins to play, in addition to Twang, in other bands of different styles and musical genres (Fat Buffalo, Karin and the ugly barnacles, Shoeshined Boys).


Moreno Bevacqua – Bass, voice

Moreno Bevacqua was born in October ’98 in Turin. He’s Simone’s brother, and also the younger one between Twangs. He found out his passion for music by playing the piano back in primary school, thanks to his teacher.
In 8th grade his mind is blown as he discoveres The Beatles, Pink Floyd and generally old time rock’n’roll, which led Moreno to throw away his piano and to pick up the electric bass. Besides Beatles and Pink Floyd, his inspirations are also Muse, Radiohead, along with various artists and genres between the ’50s and the ’80s. His path as a bass player started in 2011, partly being self- taught, partly playing side by side with his brother. He played with 9000dol since late 2012, and with Twang’s first configuration since 2015.


Luca Di Nunno – Drums

Luca was born in Venaria (TO) in October 1994, about 14 years later he decided to learn how to play drums thanks to his father’s teachings. During the high school years he plays in a psichedelic rock band called Crode. Simultaneously he approaches the study of alto sax and joins the Crawling Waves band for a couple of years. After the break-up of both bands he lives a period of time that could be well described as “musicless”, but he’s not aware that during an evening between the 1st and 7th August, around 22 p.m, he will meet Simone, an old time friend, who will propose to him to take a chance with the future Twang members. Nowadays he’s also in collaborationwith a traditional irish band, Kelteràn, as percussionist.
Besides the musical projects, since his graduation in a video-making school, he’s involved in video production works.


Simone Bevacqua – Guitar, voice

Simone was born in Turin, in May 1996.
Since the early childhood, he used to be rocked by every era recordings, both Italian and Anglo-American.
He was 12 years old when he embraced a guitar for the first time. From 2009 to 2015 he attended Roberto Bovolenta’s House of Rock: thanks to it, he could perform on some important stages (such as Spazio 211 and Hiroshima Mon Amour) and play in the sessions of the album “55-65 Come Back”.
From 2012 to 2015 he played in the rock band 9000Dol; in this band, he could accumulate a huge live stage experience.
After graduating from art school, he started studying and working as a sound engineer; in the middle, he kept on recording stuff on his own in a
subterranean home studio.
Actually, he divides his musical activities between Twang and Magical Mistery Trio.


Bartolomeo Audisio – Guitar, flute, voice

Bartolomeo Audisio was born in 1995, the 1st of May, in Chieri, Italy.
He started his musical studies playing flute in “Musiqueros”, private musical school in Andezeno at the age of six. Then he kept on perceiving private lesson, while attending the art high school “Primo Liceo Artistico” (figurative art diploma).
On December 2015, he graduated in flute with honors from Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory, in Turin.
Bart always loved rock music, and since he was in high-school, he’s studying on electric guitar as much as on flute. When he was 17, he played in a band called Grinning Blues for couples of years and other small bands.
Bart is actually attending the Master course in flute at the Conservatorum van Amsterdam, under some of the most important musician in the world, but he usually comes back in Italy to play with his band Twang. He is working with them actively since the band was born.



Twang’s first EP “NULLA SI PUO’ CONTROLLARE” is now available on every digital store! You can hear it on Spotify and Deezer or buy it on any platform you want. We made it easier for you, here are all the links you need.

Good listening!






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